Smart Meters

Smart meters measure and collect extensive amounts of electricity consumption and grid data continuously. Unlike standard analogue meters installed on the majority of existing plant, Smart meters measure a broad range of data points, are programmable, store data and can be remotely accessed. In addition, these meters, which can be retro-fit onto existing plant equipment, provide a level of management control on a piece of equipment that did not exist before.

The historic and trend line data fed from a large number of pieces of plant equipment provide integrated oversight and control that previously did not exist. Data analysis and experience enable industry leaders to identify and bring into action ESM measures that provide substantial energy savings.

Smart Meter – Portfolio

  • Power Quality Analyzers
    • Class A- Outram, GMC, KMB
    • Class S- KMB
    • Others ADTEK, Energy Savers
  • Power Quality Fixed Meters
    • GMC
    • KMB
  • Power Quality Software for complete solution

Management Monitoring and Maintenance (MMM)

Energy Savers provides clients with Management Monitoring and Maintenance (MMMA) cover for all its clients for up to five year periods. The MMMAs provide reassurance to our clients of predictable multi-year savings and continued efforts by ES to increase energy savings over time. MMM agreements are paid for out of savings and align the interests of the parties throughout.

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