Before investing into any renewable energy technology for your facility, especially with the incentive of becoming Energy ‘Independent’, it is important to reduce your sites energy demand to the lowest possible level,by way of improving the existing connected load efficiency or reducing usage. This will ensure that the renewable technology you are investing in is not oversized, and upfront capital costs are lowered.

Energy Savers are specialist in Solar PV & Solar Thermal projects. Acting as design consultants, Suppliers and installation contractors. We deliver turnkey integration of energy efficiency and renewable energy generation in partnership with solar PV industry leaders.

Solar PV

Solar is easy to install, easy to maintain and an easy way to save money. It works through photovoltaic cells converting sunlight into direct electricity. The inverter then converts the direct electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity which is used to power your lights and appliances.

Solar’s low-cost, versatility and reliability, means that it is poised to become the dominant energy source by 2050.

  • The cost of solar PV systems has dropped by 75% since 2009 and by 2020, prices are expected to drop by 25-40%.

Energy Savers offer a fully inclusive Turnkey solar lease package consisting of:

  • System finance
  • Turnkey design
  • Local authority approvals
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Life span operation and maintenance
  • Life span system monitoring

We are able to realise Solar PV projects up to 5MW.

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