Power quality
Hunting of Diesel Generator even at partial loading condition
Heating of DG alternator
Low power factor leading to increased reactive stress
Power quality
Complex load profile of heavy construction machines such as crane and welding demanding high reactive power which DG sets are not designed to supply
Increased reactive stress on DG due to sudden spikes/jerks in reactive power
Inflated peak kVA demand due to transitory reactive jerks
Power quality
Hybrid Filter at DG incomer
Hybrid Filter at DG incomer in case neutral current is high
power quality
Reduced reactive stress on generator and therefore reduced peak demand
Elimination of DG hunting and alternator heating
Reduced fluctuations in peak power demand on the generator
Prevention of de-rating of available capacity; generator can be loaded to its maximum capacity
Lower capacity generators can be used to support entire load thus resulting in significant savings in capital expenditure on over sized DG sets
Reduced current harmonic distortion
Same active/hybrid filter installation can be used to improve power factor on grid supply as well

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