Lighting accounts for a significant portion of electrical energy consumed in a building. Energy is saved in the lighting system by reducing illumination levels, improving lighting system efficiency, curtailing operating hours, and by taking advantage of harvesting natural daylight.

Energy Savers provide a range of services that will:-

  • Ensure a superb lighting system performance that is ideal for the occupants environment.
  • Reduce energy consumption and therefore operating costs.
  • Increased operating life span and reduce maintenance demands.

Our services include :-

  • Technical evaluation & consultancy
  • Lighting audits
  • Lighting Design
  • Interior & Exterior lighting solutions
  • Sophisticated Lighting control
  • MEP works

In order to not only identify a suitable lighting solution for the particular facilities operating requirements, it is imperative that the products performance and lifespan do not deteriorate over time or fail within an unacceptable time frame. (For instance colour temperature shifts, flicker, reduced illuminance, power failure).

To avoid this inconvenient and costly mistake, it is imperative that a professional lighting design is provided in collaboration with conducting a power quality assessment of the properties Low Voltage network.

Lighting Design& Audit

An investigation of the lighting system provides more than just energy savings information. By measuring light levels in various areas, the audit can determine whether lighting is adequate for the tasks being performed. Improving the lighting system can boost productivity and identify issues that may effect other systems, such as the. HVAC system.

No two lighting projects are exactly the same and the most successful projects begin with attention to detail. One size doesn't fit all. This is why a custom designed lighting solution, packaged as a concrete plan for achieving the best energy-efficient lighting project, is the best way to start.

Every detail of your existing lighting system will be evaluated by our engineers during the site visit audit. Ranging from data gathering, recording of existing Lux levels, lamp fixture temperature measurements and lighting control strategy.

A lighting design will be developed that compares the existing lighting scenario with the finished article. This is visualised in a lighting design report that every stakeholder can understand.

  • Savings Summary and Analysis
    • A snapshot of energy savings, estimated rebate information, and comparisons of each existing part of your lighting system to the energy-efficient proposed system.
  • Fixture Cut Sheets
    • Utilized to identify system components across multiple bids.
  • Photometric Layouts
    • Models of a proposed lighting system to show how new fixtures will illuminate a space.
  • Maintenance Savings and Cost of Ownership Analysis
    • Custom reports available.

Lighting Systems Power Quality

Power quality problems can cause a range of costly facility issues, from overheating equipment to power failures, increased utility costs and occupant discomfort.

Facilities of all types need to take power quality issues into account before retrofitting their existing Lighting system, especially when making the change to LEDs because they can contribute to power quality issues if preparation is overlooked. Power quality issues, include voltage dips, harmonics, interruptions, transients, and surges. For instance Flicker: Flicker is the perceived change in light output from a lamp caused by fluctuations in the lamps supply voltage. When the supply voltage fluctuates at a certain rate and magnitude, the lamps will flicker. Flicker has an annoyance factor similar to a strobe light. Some types of Flicker can be detectable, but most are usually so subtle that they are not detectable to the naked eye. The effects of Flicker can cause discomfort for the persons in the area. In the form of headaches, nausea. Which can effect the productivity of your employees.

Furthermore lighting manufacturer warranty liabilities maybe exempt from any issues where Power quality levels can be deemed as unacceptable and cause for premature failure of their goods. i.e Harmonics. This could be a costly mistake in the event an LED light fails within the stipulate life span and warranties become redundant.

Energy Savers are able to diagnose the Power Quality assessment of the facilities lighting system. Identify any anomalies that are outside of acceptable boundaries and may be determined to cause potential problems to the performance of the planned lighting solution. As well as correct any anomaly with a suitable Power Quality optimisation solution that will bring the LV network back under acceptable values.

Lighting management & control

Substantial reductions in electrical power consumption and cooling requirements. Effective light management, optimisation and zoning can produce additional significant savings.

  • Other benefits include:
  • Increased useful life
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs
  • Improved lux levels (typically twice previous levels)

Natural Daylight

Daylight capture brings the benefits of natural sunlight transferred by fibre optic cable to any location in your building. Smart receivers on the roof track the sun throughout the day delivery sunlight irrespective of window size or location.

Energy Savers works with Parans of Sweden to deliver the free benefits of sunlight up to 20 storeys below with no transfer of heat or waste heat created by internal lights.

Results :-

  • Increased useable space – consistent day light throughout the day without the need for windows, lights well etc.
  • Decreased need for cooling as there is no heat transfer
  • Substantially reduced energy use and requirement for artificial light

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